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First graduation ceremony of higher education students of Sulaimani University

hello dears.
Please take necessary action on the following points:
 (First Graduation Ceremony of higher education students Sulaimani University)

First: Through the treasury of your colleges from Sunday 25-2-2024 to distribute graduation robes and hats to students who graduated from higher education (Diploma, Master, Doctorate) in 2019 until

Second: Participants are requested to be present on Monday 4-3-2024 at (9) am in the Congress Hall of Sulaimani University / New Campus in Qliasan, and at (10) am must be seated in the hall and the ceremony will begin.
Third: Participating graduates can invite guests with them by sitting in the guest area in the same hall, not with the graduates.

Fourth: Please the department of higher education of your colleges through electronic groups, social media and any other mechanism to notify the graduates who wish to participate in receiving the robe and hat graduation ceremony at the specified time and attend the ceremony at the specified time.

Considering the mechanism of ensuring the return of robes and hats to the college, by placing an official government ID card and a mobile number and the amount of (50) thousand dinars in deposit by the participant with the treasury of the colleges.